A Concise Handbook of TensorFlow 2

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This is a concise handbook of TensorFlow 2 based on Keras and Eager Execution mode, aiming to help developers with some basic machine learning and Python knowledge to get started with TensorFlow 2 quickly.

The code of this handbook is based on TensorFlow 2.0 and 2.1 stable version. All sample code in this handbook can be found here . This handbook is a project of Google Summer of Code 2019 .

As of April 2020, a discussion board has been added at the end of each chapter. You are welcome to discuss, exchange ideas and provide suggestions at the end of the chapters.

This handbook is still in a beta version. Your suggestions are important!

GitHub: https://github.com/snowkylin/tensorflow-handbook

Q&A and discussion board: https://discuss.tf.wiki/c/share/handbook-comment-en


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